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28 authors Stories of Hope / Save the Children Ukraine: videos March 22, 2022

December 2019 Website:

YouTube:   (Allison Lurie, adult novelist, reviews Jabberwocky)


Missing Voices Facebook group: 2019 live chat post:    september 2018   (Allison Lurie, adult novelist, reviews Jabberwocky)


Missing Voices Facebook group: did a live chat that is posted:

Travis Jonker / SLJ blog:

TV Interview: September 28, 2016:

Publisher's Weekly article on New York Public Library panel "Children's Book Publishing in the 21st Century:

A Children's Literary Salon", December 6, 2014
Download article here


Children & Libraries article on Mousterpiece: "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Mouse",

Volume 11, Number 3, Winter 2013
Download article here


Artstomarket article on Mousterpiece: "Introducing Modern Art to Preschoolers", September 27, 2012
Download article here


The Horn Book article on Mousterpiece: "Calling Caldecott", September 13, 2012
Download article here


Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast article on Mousterpiece:

"A Visit with Author/Illustrator Jane Breskin Zalben", September 10, 2012
Download article here

Hadassah Magazine article on Mousterpiece: "Books: Children and Art", February, 2013
Download article here

ALA Booklist article on Mousterpiece: "Bookends: A Booklist Blog", December 7, 2012
Download article here

SCBWI November/December 2012 Bulletin "Inside the Artist's Studio"

- interviews with Brian Selznick, Ted and Betsy Lewin, Laura Vaccaro Seeger and others.

SCBWI Bulletin September / October "Inside the Writer's Room" (Jane Breskin Zalben interviewed

several famous middle-grade / YA authors) September/October 2012
Download article here

New York Times article on Mousterpiece: "Art Lessons", Childrens Books. August 22, 2012
Download article here

NPR interview with Jane Breskin Zalben on the Faith Middleton Show about Four Seasons. December 6, 2011
Download interview here

Mari Frank Interview with Jane Breskin Zalben on Paths to Peace. November 14, 2011
Download interview here

National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) Interview with Jane Breskin Zalben

on The Kids' Right to Read Project. December 1, 2008
Download interview here

The Original Art Exhibition Brochure 2008 Statement of Chair, by Jane Breskin Zalben

Children & Libraries ALA / ALSC Journal : "Tootle at Sixty: Staying on the Rails No Matter What"

by Jane Breskin Zalben. Summer / Fall 2006, pages 52 - 53

SCBW Bulletin issue : July - August 2005 "Poetry, Rhythm & All That Jazz"

New York Times article on Hey Mama Goose: "Of Nursery Rhymes, and Reasons for the Suburban Life"

Sunday Edition / Habitats Section. February 6, 2005. Audio web interview / slideshow
Download interview here

Children & Libraries ALA / ALSC Journal : "Beginning Again" : Jane Breskin Zalben Teams

With Husband for Daring New Book by Sharon Korbeck. Summer / Fall 2004, pages 48 - 49

New York Times article on Let There Be Light: Poems and Prayers for Repairing the World:

"Prayers for Healing Cross Cultural Lines", N.Y. / Region. September 22, 2002
Download interview here

Distinction Magazine "Evergreen Traditions" by Bea Tustiani pages 56 December 1996

New York Times article on Unfinished Dreams: "Children's Author Offers a Tribute to Her Teachers 'Influence" July 28, 1996
Download interview here

The New Advocate Volume Three Number Three - "Creative Process" - Interview by Jane Yolen pgs. 175 - 178.

Several feature articles on Jane Breskin Zalben in NY Times, Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Lilith Magazine,

MS Magazine by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

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