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Pratt Graphics Center post-graduate in lithography 1972

Queens College (City University) B.A. in Art 1971 graduated, cum laude

High School of Music and Art, graduated 1967



Instructors I worked with at Queens College who influenced me:

Marvin Bileck – Caldecott Honor Medalist who helped get me into publishing.

Robert Birmelin – Printmaker – worked with Bob Blackburn

Eli Friedensohn - painter

John Ferren – color theory painter

Herbert Aach – Chemist and painter who had input in creating acrylic paint.

                          Introduced me to color field theory. Senior Thesis with him.

Richard Serra – Sculptor, taught me two / three-dimensional design

Professional Employment

Free-lance art director/designer: Macmillan, Coward McCann, Putnam, Holt, Shocken, Parents’ Magazine, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Philomel (Putnam), Simon & Schuster.

Charles Scribners’ Art Director, 1975-1976

TY Crowell senior designer 1974-1975

Henry Holt & Co Art Director 1973-1974

The Dial Press, assistant art director 1971-1972


Academic Employment

The School of Visual Arts – 1975-1993 (Writing, Illustrating, Designing Books) 

Hofstra University Publishing Program Writer’s Conferences: 1984, 1992, 2005

Kellogg Foundation Residency / 1999

Rice University Writer’s Conference Houston, Texas 1994

Vassar Publishing Institute Summer, NY 1988

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